Why do we give a fuck about coral reef climatic changes?

Coral reef

Coral reefs are the biodiversity hotspots of our ocean . . .

While coral reefs rather humbly only account for <1% of the total area of the oceans, they still affect 25% of all marine species who have some part of their life cycle within the reefs. In other words, they are hella important to the balance of the ocean.

Yet did you know that if average global temperates increase by as little as 1.5 degrees Celsius, 70-90% of all coral reefs will die? And if it increases by 2 degree Celsius, 99% of all coral reefs die. Yes, 99% of ALL coral reefs.

This means, all marine life will be affected within the food chain. It will mean that entire species and ecosystems will cease to exist.

Yet it is not just our marine life that will feel these catastrophic effects. Currently one billion people rely on coral reefs for their livelihood, both people who work within the tourism or marine-related industries, as well as many of the world’s poorest people who directly rely on coral reefs for sustenance and survival.

But don’t worry guys, we have the Paris Climate Accord, right? Umm, well about that . . . currently if every nation abided by what the Paris Climate Accord strives to achieve this still leaves the world on a warming target of 3.5 degree Celsius. Which, yes!, means it has us on track to kill over 99% of coral life and thus potentially devastate the lives of one billion people.

This is why we give a fuck about coral reef climatic changes.

So what can we do? Positively with all this very #realnews more and more people are becoming increasingly woke when it comes to the manner in which their elected officials address growing environmental alarm bells. While previous generations have blindly consumed and deteriorated the world’s resources, the younger generation is completely in tune with the planet and her calls-to-action.

We can all make a difference by changing our own behaviours, pushing our collective power from the bottom up - and consequently forcing our elected officials to up the ante dramatically in order to turn around this devastating climate forecast.

Six simple things we can all to do to make a tremendous difference:

  1. USE RENEWABLE ENERGY - choose utility companies that have been certified as using power from wind, solar and other renewables.

  2. INVEST IN ENERGY EFFICIENT APPLIANCES - these products keep millions of tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

  3. USE LESS WATER - saving water reduces carbon pollution as it decreases the energy needed to treat water before it gets to our homes.

  4. EAT LESS MEAT - especially red meat - as the livestock sector generates as many greenhouse gas emissions as all cars, trucks and automobiles combined.

  5. DRIVE FUEL-EFFICIENT CARS - gas-smart cars, such as hybrids and EVs, obviously save fuel and also money.

  6. TAKE ACTION AND SPEAK UP! - the biggest problem with climate change, is that no one wants to talk about it. Talk to your friends and family, and force your representatives to make the right decisions.

We are all apart of our planet’s problem. Let’s force our governments to stop building walls and start fortifying solutions.